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  • Sprinkler Leak Detection & Repair
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  • Sprinkler Head Repair & Installation
  • Sprinkler Controller Repair & Installation
  • Sprinkler Wiring Repair & Troubleshooting
  • Sprinkler Valve Repair & Locating
  • Move Sprinkler Heads
  • Add a New Sprinkler Zone

Our Visit Includes:

  • Checking Your Sprinkler System.

  • Answering Any Questions

David Lane
David Lane
12:10 23 Mar 22
Lawn Care Spring's crew came out for the first time to trim hedges, clean beds and mulch. They did an outstanding job.... Very clean look with a fair price. We will be going back for more work. Very professional and more
15:12 16 Feb 22
Lawn Care Spring did a fantastic job on my lawn. They were responsive and went above and beyond what was expected. I am... not the best at upkeeping my lawn. They really cleaned things up and made my lot look so much better than before. It would've taken me days to accomplish what they they in just a few hours. They have my business for all of my future landscaping more
Mario Ascorra
Mario Ascorra
03:20 07 Oct 21
Lawn Care Spring Service, Francisco was very responsive and immediately scheduled us for the installation of the... Christmas lights. My business is looking great and I have already referred 5 friends! I will definitely use them again next year! These guys were more
Gasly Patrick
Gasly Patrick
20:14 27 Sep 21
Thank Lanw Care Spring for the service of installing lights for Christmas in my house in Spring Tx, I love the design I... am going to hire you to rent Christmas lights in my main home in The more
Jasmyn Amos
Jasmyn Amos
18:51 24 Jul 21
They did a really great job! I loved that they took away the branches instead of leaving them on the curb like some do.... Priced well!read more
Chris Bell
Chris Bell
00:53 12 Jul 21
Great job and good prices.
Emtiyaj Forhad
Emtiyaj Forhad
05:23 14 Jun 21
Call today Lawn Sprinkler System, Francisco attended me very kind and sincere, my work was scheduled for Sunday, they... finished it that same day and very satisfied with his more
Arosh -E- Mowla
Arosh -E- Mowla
16:12 10 May 21
Great service! The garden was beautiful, I told him all the problems I had in my yard and he solved them quickly. Very... good person and excellent very affordable more
Amrito Kumar Biswas
Amrito Kumar Biswas
11:52 10 May 21
All contractors, I have hired to do a new garden in the past, NONE comes close to Spring Lawn Care Sprinkler. The team... literally goes above and beyond they are experienced and gave us ideas for our more
Gopal Chandro
Gopal Chandro
02:39 10 May 21
Thank you, Francisco you have experience and skills to do the job well = 5 stars! I went through three other... contractors who came to my house promising miracles for my sprinkler system after your estimate and detail I decided on Spring Lawn Care Sprinkler and wow the surprise when they finished everything very well to our more
Karna Kanti Sarkar
Karna Kanti Sarkar
20:42 09 May 21
I had a small but complex job in my sprinklers, other irrigation contractors wanted to change the whole system. I was... quite willing to give up, but luckily I found a sprinkler repair near me now I know they are called Spring Lawn Care Sprinkler thank you so much for your more
Jose Morris
Jose Morris
19:11 08 May 21
Positive: Responsiveness, Professionalism, Quality, value 5 Star was amazing to work with Spring Lawn Sprinkler. From... the moment we called them they schedule the service for more
Gricelda Dávila
Gricelda Dávila
02:53 22 Dec 20
I am so proud of my garden that the Spring Lawn Works did. The neighbors have been congratulating her on my beautiful... garden, my garden gave a different style to my house. I definitely recommend this company!read more
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Services we offer

  • Installation of Sprinkler Systems
  • Sprinkler Systems Repair
  • Lawn Sprinkler System
  • Drain Sprinkler System for Freeze
  • Winterize Backflow Preventer
  • Irrigation Winterization
  • Sprinkler Winterization Services Houston
  • Sprinkler Winterization Services Spring Tx
  • Sprinkler Winterization Services Humble
  • Sprinkler Winterization Services Kingwood
  • Sprinkler Winterization Services The Woodlands
  • Sprinkler Winterization Services Cypress

Winterization Sprinkler Near Me We offer service irrigation blow out, repair the irrigation Lawn Systems in Houston, Spring Tx, Humble, Cypress, Conroe, Katy, The Woodlands, Pearland, Tomball, Sugar Land.

Residents trust our techs to repair or replace a damaged sprinkler system. Spring Lawn Work: Your Lawn Sprinkler – Set It, However, Don’t Fail to remember


Avoid costly freeze damage. Lawn Care Spring Irrigation winterize your sprinklers the right way. 


With little time, we typically look for services that assist us to automate ordinary tasks. We “set it as well as forget it” so we can focus on more vital things. To name a few: our costs are paid automatically, kitchen essentials are immediately supplied to our front door, stand-up visits are arranged with our groomer, and our house watering controller timetables the system to operate our designated watering days. But it is essential to put in the time to routinely check for these automated pilots, or you might be paying more for products and services that you do not want.


Winterize your sprinkler system before it’s too late.


The most effective time to operate your automatic sprinkler is early morning or night when it is generally cooler and also the wind is calmest, to make the best use of absorption right into the ground. However, when automated irrigation systems are set to activate throughout this time around, there is generally no one around to discover if something is not functioning right. Consider this:

– A sprinkler zone with pop-up sprinklers running can take in about gallons per min.

– It may take about an hour of sprinkling per week to reach the optimal depth of. inches of dirt saturation.

– A single busted sprinkler head with unrestricted circulation can squander gallons in 6 months.

– The system controller reboots without the expertise of the proprietor. Power failures as well as storms are some of the most common sources of this reboot. We have seen occurrences where, for months, an irrigation system has run every night for a number of hrs prior to the property owner finds the source of its greatest water use.

– Rainfall sensors may fall short. Like all mechanical parts, rain sensors can break or be harmed, maintaining the irrigation system running also in the strongest downpours.

– Sprinkler heads are harmed. Used, damaged, or stopped up lawn sprinklers trigger irregular coverage leading to excessive or uneven protection. Disintegration, as well as yard care equipment, are the leading reason for sprinkler head damages.

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How much does it cost to repair a sprinkler system in Houston?

The average sprinkler system inspection cost is $ 75, but some homeowners pay as much as $ 175.
The average cost to repair a sprinkler system in Houston is $ 150, but some homeowners pay as much as $ 375. Expect several factors to play a role in the cost. The first is the minimum service fee. The type and extent of repair are the most important cost factors, and larger systems require more time and materials.

How do I find someone in Houston to fix my sprinkler system?

You can find a Houston sprinkler repair professional by doing a little research online. But before hiring a professional, contact them. Ask them questions, tell them about your problem with the sprinklers, and request estimates of inspection costs.


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How do you unclog an underground outdoor drainage pipe?

The peaks of drainage of the roof are all that I need to see deorsum, that’s it! Perhaps be that easy. You can also try to make the water hose from the extreme of exit of the piping. That way, a place the water and the obstructed material can go to is. Simply climb the piping slowly.


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